Posted by: Ken Christian, Jr. | August 1, 2009

Bud Light!?

So much can be (and has been) said about the political shenanigans involved in last week’s “beer summit”.  I will leave such commentary to more qualified folks. What I’d like to discuss are the beer choices of the participants.

The cop made a respectable choice, going with a pint of Blue Moon (I’m not a personal fan of Belgian Whites; but Blue Moon is at least a semi-adventurous brew).  The Prof. represented his home town well by going with a Samuel Adams.  Ok, it was Sam Adams Light; but still, what more can we expect from a stuffy, liberal academic?  What really blew me away was Pres. Obama’s choice.   Our Commander-in-Chief, the Leader of the Free World, calls a beer summit; and he downs a Bud Light.  Travesty!  Don’t even get me started about our VP showing up later with a non-alcoholic selection.  I mean talk about emboldening our enemies!!

If ever elected President (no one hold their breath), I promise to proudly represent our great nation by downing real, manly beer for all to see.   For my first beer summit, I think I’d down this little beauty.



  1. A “liquid poem to the glory of the hop”? Didn’t we just read a bunch of stuff in 1 Corinthians about idolatry? Repent, young man, repent!!

    Actually, the brew looks good…but the gargoyle gives me the creeps. 🙂

    You know me…I drink Miller High Life because it’s cheap and American. But, I guess if I were the president, I could afford to go for the good stuff…Yuengling lager! I’m so middle-class.


  2. It is quite good, Mike. I’ll bring you one at our next “beer summit”. And don’t let the gargoyle scare you. Stone (also a fine American brewery) puts it on all their beers. He’s there to ward off all of the evil beer spirits.

    Ahh…Miller High Life…”the champagne of beers”. You know, I had one a few weeks back. It didn’t remind me of champagne…or of beer for that matter. 🙂

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