Posted by: Ken Christian, Jr. | August 21, 2009

Take up and read…ASAP!

I read a lot, not as much as I probably should, but a good bit none the less.  Anyway, no matter what the genre, I usually come to the end of a book and think, “Hmm, that was good.  What’s next?”.  But every once in a while, I read something that just knocks my socks off.  I think, “I must tell everyone about this book.  Everyone needs to read it.  I need to read it again.” 

I’m very excited to report that I have just read such a book.  It’s a little paperback by N. D. Wilson entitled Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl: Wide-Eyed Wonder in God’s Spoken World. 


Is it a hymn of praise?  Is it a call to thankfulnesss?  Is it a rebuke of ingratitude?  Is it poetic answer to the so-called “problem of evil”?  Is it a laugh-fest?  Is it a tear jerker?  It’s all of those things, and so much more, rolled into one.

Read it and weep.  Read it and laugh.  Read it and be changed.  Read it and thank God for your mom who taught you to read (then call her when you’re done).  Read it and…oh just read it, as soon as possible.  What follows is a little taste, concerning God’s answer to tragedy in His world:

“Tragedy isn’t an easy thing to kill….Tragedy must by destroyed by someone willing to be swallowed by it, willing to be broken, torn out of the flesh, but able to return to it.  Someone must be able to shatter the tragic from within and exit into comedy, able to rip a hole so wide that a train of souls, a parade, could follow after, banging drums and throwing candy as they strolled into the sun.”



  1. My apologies to our early readers for the spelling mistakes. Hopefully, all have been corrected.

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